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Atma Global is an award-winning developer and publisher of innovative global learning solutions focusing on countries, cultures, and global business topics. Our Cultural Advisory Services option provides thought leadership and assists global institutions in achieving their business objectives.

Organizations have utilized our learning and training solutions as well as our advisory expertise to better assess the impact of culture on specific global operations, including global strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, training programs, customer service, and human resources- enhancing the overall effectiveness of global initiatives, affecting profitability, and impacting the bottom line.

Our digital content has been used by millions of users, including professionals in diverse industries in the global Fortune 1000, professors and students at leading universities around the world, and global enthusiasts.

Our newest product, Atma Insights, is an award-winning, reliable, and engaging proprietary digital streaming service that helps professionals, educators, students, and global enthusiasts explore key international business topics as well as understand how culture impacts a range of business practices and management functions.

Soon to cover 80 percent of the world's economy, Atma Insights videos

  • highlight key global business topics,
  • explore the nuances of doing business in countries around the world, and
  • explain how to interact and communicate more effectively with people from different cultures.

Our knowledge resources are CONCISE, ACCURATE, and INFORMATIVE, providing

  • vivid in-country videos,
  • engaging narration, and
  • original role-plays.

Atma Global's culturally infused knowledge on the world's major economies enables you to better understand how to operate and succeed in the complex global business arena, enhancing communications, building trust, and improving interactions.

At our core competence, we are country, culture, and global business experts. The members of our content-development teams are seasoned global experts who are as diverse as our rich content. As a group, they are diverse in terms of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, geographic location, and experience. Our highly trained experts are experienced academics, journalists, and businesspeople. They possess a masters degree or PhD in business or the human sciences, and all have experience working and living around the world. We use an exhaustive process of checks and balances to ensure accuracy, quality, and integrity.

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