American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce


Sustain Sumatra

In 2005 AICC helped create Sustain Sumatra, a program for building sustainable trade and directly help those whose lives were devastated by the December 2004 tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia. It was formed as a coalition of Indonesian, American and European partners. Corporations are committing to purchase more products  from Sumatra. These products include coffee, spices, vanilla, renewable lumber, and handicrafts. This commitment creates the economic base. As local farmers and artisans benefit from trading commitments, they in turn, work with Sustain Sumatra partners in Indonesia to rebuild communities in a sustainable way to protect the fragile environment.

Consumers purchasing products with the Sustain Sumatra brand participate in the process of helping to rebuild sustainably, and fuel the momentum for the program.

Although many houses and road infrastructure has now been rebuilt,  Aceh’s economy needs more investment and trade.