American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce


Large US Operations In Indonesia

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1 American Express- Banking Branch, card services

2 Amway- Trade, joint venture

3 Arco- Oil/Gas PSC

4 Avon- Manufacturing

5 Babcock and Wilcox- Joint Venture

6 Bank of America- Banking Branch

7 Bechtel- Construction, Representative Office, Joint Venture

8 Bristol Meyers-Squibb- Joint Venture

9 Caltex- Oil/Gas PSC (Caltex is a joint venture of Chevron and Texaco)

10 Caterpillar- Rep, Trade,Joint Venture manufacturing

11 Chase Manhattan- Banking Branch

12 Chrysler- Licensing, Technical Assistance

13 Citibank- Banking Branch

14 Coca Cola- Representative office, Joint Venture Licensing

15 Disney- Licensing,Trade

16 Dow Chemical- Joint Venture, Representative Office Trade

17 Du Pont- Rep, Trade

18 Fluor Daniel- Construction,Joint venture, Representative office

19 Freeport- Mining Joint Venture

20 Gatorade- Manufacturing joint venture

21 General Electric- Rep office, Trade,Joint Ventures

22 General Motors- Assembly /Manufacturing

23 IBM- Representative Office,Trade

24 Johnson & Johnson- Joint Venture

25 Knorr- Manufacturing Joint Venture

26 Marathon- Oil/Gas PSC

27 Mattel- Export Manufacturing

28 Maxus- Oil/Gas PSC

29 McDonalds- Franchising

30 Merrill Lynch- Joint Venture

31 Mission Energy- Paiton power project, Joint Venture

32 Mobil- Oil/Gas PSC

33 Monsanto- Joint Ventures, Trade

34 Nike- sales, Buying operation

35 Phillip Morris- Trade License

36 Procter & Gamble- Joint Venture, wholesale distribution

37 Reebok- Representative Office,Buyers

38 Sara Lee- Manufacturing,Trade

39 Upjohn- pharmaceuticals, Joint Venture

40 Walmart- franchise retail store

41 Warner Lambert- pharmaceuticals, Joint Venture

42 Waste Management- Joint Venture


PSC=production sharing contracts with the Indonesian State Oil Company, Pertamina

joint venture= a capital investment in Indonesia has been made

Representative office= marketing and after sales support is given to the foreign company’s Indonesian agent/distributor to trade their products and services