Indonesia Corona Virus Update#3     March 18, 2020

In an effort to contain COV-19, Indonesia will no longer issue visas-on-arrival for all foreign travelers (including diplomats). Instead, beginning March 20, for 30 days, travelers will have to apply (only by mail/no walk-ins) at an Indonesian Consulate or Embassy and submit a health certificate (free of COV-19 ) issued by a local authority.

For many in the US this new requirement for a health certificate is tantamount to a temporary travel ban as testing for COV-19 is currently limited to people exhibiting symptoms. Furthermore local authorities usually only issue them for traveling animals.  AICC is concerned that technical personnel needed for worksite emergencies or other essential business purposes will not be able to travel to Indonesia during this period.

The full policy can be read here.   The link is to the Indonesian Consulate of NY website where you can navigate to the various visa applications and lists of required documents and fees.  (This website appears to be the most up-to-date at the moment.)

AICC has been in contact with staff at the Indonesian Consulate in NY and they are cooperating fully to help travelers get the information they need. They recommend that all visa applicants first send an email to alerting them to the application. The exact list of required documents for the application will then be sent.

They also say it may be possible to submit a doctor’s letter in lieu of a health certificate, but it should indicate that the person traveling is free from respiratory infections including COV-19.   This is obviously an evolving situation and the Consulate is seeking daily clarifications from their head office in Jakarta. AICC has raised the issue of unavailability of health certificates and the Consulate is checking on the implication of this.

If you have traveled to the following countries 14 days before entering Indonesia, the application will be denied:

  • Iran;
  • Italy;
  • Vatican;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • German;
  • Switzerland;
  • United Kingdom