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Wayne Forrest is President of the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, a private not for profit membership organization based in NY.

July 2022 JOKOWI ON THE WORLD STAGE Commentary by Wayne Forrest It has been many years since an Indonesian leader actively engaged in global affairs and its current President has scrupulously avoided many international engagements because of his singular focus on improving the nation’s infrastructure and economy. President Jokowi recently departed from this scenario,


May 2022  CHALLENGE TO NEUTRALITY Commentary by Wayne Forrest Since 1966 Indonesia has always often prioritized development over geopolitics. Other than its early years, Indonesia has usually kept a low profile internationally, subscribing to an international, mostly Western-driven, common consensus. Its famed practical neutrality is now being challenged by not just the Ukraine War

War In Ukraine

March 2022 WAR IN UKRAINE Some tell me the current thinking in Jakarta is that the Ukraine War is a two-month affair, a view I suspect may be wishful thinking. The conflict may not be affecting Indonesia yet, but it will have to navigate a riskier environment, especially the longer the war lasts. No matter

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Reforming the Sembako Economy

February 2022 Reforming the Sembako Economy Although Indonesia actively courts an image of a modernizing economy interested to develop high technologies, such as the electric vehicles, contrasting narratives often occur reminding us that the nation’s underpinning as well as the core interests of its people remain the sembako (9 basic daily necessities): rice, salt,

Outlook for 2022

January 2022 OUTLOOK FOR 2022 Dusting off the crystal ball is always a daunting task; sometimes you just want to smash it, given the unpredictability of predicting. Here then, is my modest assessment of 2021 and outlook for 2022. Consider them notes and comments. I will leave the deeper analysis to those working on longer

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The Warehouse is Emptied

December 2021 THE WAREHOUSE IS EMPTIED At the end of July, at the height of the Delta variant’s impact, I learned that the City of NY had offered over 250 tons of surplus COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment( PPE) and medical supplies to the Republic of Indonesia, most of it stored in a Pennsylvania warehouse. It

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The Ghost of Ali Wardana

November 2021  THE GHOST OF ALI WARDANA In 1975 a bombshell hit the Indonesian economy: after many years of massive, short-term borrowing and corruption, the Indonesian government of President Suharto publicly declared Pertamina, the state-owned oil conglomerate, bankrupt, having accumulated debts of $10.5 billion. Indonesia’s reputation and ability to borrow was severely damaged. A

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Virus Update #85 October 18, 2021

Corona Virus Update #85    October 18, 2021 Cumulative number of reported cases: 4,235,384 (as of October 18) Deaths: 142,999 Recovered: 4,075,011 Fatality rate: 3.3%   Rupiah to US: 14,096 Jakarta Stock Exchange Index: 6658 Reserves (US$ Billions): $146.870 (September 30)  

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Nickel, Coal and Vaccines

September/October 2021 NICKEL, COAL, AND VACCINES Commentary by Wayne Forrest As COVID retreats in Indonesia, hopefully permanently, Indonesia has signaled that it intends to “build back better” but with more leverage in global vaccine debates and more control of its own marketplace. Indonesia’s and other SEA leaders believe they have economic and not just

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August 2021 US STEPS UP TO ASSIST INDONESIA Commentary by Wayne Forrest The worldwide COVID outbreak hits all countries but affects them differently. The US, with arguably one of the best medical and pharmaceutical sectors, has the capacity to push it way back but not necessarily the full trust of its citizens in vaccines. Australia and New

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