What Do Indonesian Men Think

Advertising company Leo Burnett Indonesia and research agency Prompt Research introduced five new types of modern Indonesian men based on an in-depth study conducted last year.
According to Leo Burnett Indonesia executive director Henry Manampiring, there have been very few studies about Indonesian men. The new in-depth study, “Peeking Beneath the Sarong,” which was presented at Plaza Senayan in Jakarta, last Thursday (26/05), finds men are just as complex as women.It was conducted between August and November 2015 and reveals that most Indonesian men see themselves as dominant over women. Approximately 87% of Indonesian men believe husbands should have higher income than their wives. 71% of these men also believe wives should put the interest of their husbands and families first. A majority of the Indonesian men surveyed believe important positions in the government (79%) and in the workplace (78%) should be reserved for men.The study puts forward five new categories of Indonesian men based on their values, attitudes and lifestyles: Alpha Gorilla, Social Peacock, Introvert Owl, Papa Bear and Playful Bunny.“We’re trying to avoid cliché and overused terms like “Macho Man” or “Metrosexual Man,” Henry said. (Jakarta Globe)