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USABC President Alex Feldman and AICC President Wayne Forrest signs the agreement

USABC President Alex Feldman and AICC President Wayne Forrest sign the agreement

AICC and the US-ASEAN Business Council (USABC) have entered into a strategic partnership to share resources, expertise, and promote each others interests.  The partnership will focus on creating more events and awareness of ASEAN in the NY region as well as make AICC’s particular expertise on Indonesia available to USABC.

“This agreement with the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce will provide a platform to substantially increase awareness of ASEAN in New York City,” said Alexander Feldman, President of the US-ASEAN Business Council. “New York is one of the world’s most important business and financial centers, and the Council looks forward to substantially ramping up our programming in New York City through this partnership.”

“AICC views this agreement as a natural result of the emergence of ASEAN as an integrated economic community with Indonesia at its core.  We look forward to working with the Council to continue to support the growing business-to-business relationship between the United States and Indonesia within this regional context,” said Wayne Forrest, President of the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce.

The MOU was approved by AICC’s board on March 20.

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Scholastic Ambassador Program for Indonesia


In 1996, AICC and its partner in Indonesia KIKAS (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, US Committee) asked the world’s
largest English language publisher, Scholastic Inc. to create a booklet for teachers to strengthen communication and understanding between the two countries and educate the next generation about the importance of
Indonesia to the United States.

80,000 social studies teachers across the US were sent up-to-date materials which supplemented textbooks which usually have little or no information about Indonesia.

According to AICC’s President Wayne Forrest: “In our increasingly global economy it is vital that Americans develop a greater awareness of the economic, environmental, and cultural importance of countries such as Indonesia. Without such knowledge Americans may make false assumptions yielding business and policy
decisions not in the best interests of everyone involved.”

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To View and Download Pages of the booklet.