American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce


Introducing Indonesia: Scholastic Ambassador Program

The program includes 8 reproducibles that can serve as printed handouts for students along with several introductory pages.  Please note the program was created in 1996 and statistics are from that era.
  1. Cover
  2. Endorsement Letter from Minister Hartarto
  3. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika- definition/Using the Publication
  4. Getting Started/Using The Reproducibles 
  5. Using Reproducibles 2-4
  6. Using Reproducibles 5-7
  7. Using Reproducible 8/Acknowledgments
  8. Reproducible 1: Poster/Cover Key
  9. Reproducible 2: Sizing Up Indonesia
  10. Reproducible 3: Marco Polo Tells About Indonesia
  11. Reproducible 4: The Day The Earth Exploded-Krakatau
  12. Reproducible 5: Indonesia and the US- Crucial Connections
  13. Reproducible 6: Indonesia and the Global Marketplace
  14. Reproducible 7: Rice-The Amazing Grain
  15. Reproducible 8: Batik, The Art of Indonesia
  16. The Contest- Win A Trip To Bali   (not in operation)