Cumulative number of reported cases: As of 4/12

  • Total: 6,035,358
  • Deaths: 155,717
  • Recoveries: 5,811,666
  • Fatality rate: 2.58%

Rupiah to US: 14,364
Jakarta Stock Exchange Index: 7214
Inflation: 2.646%
Reserves (US$ Billions): $139.129 (March 31, 2022

Overview- “Indonesia Under Control”

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan (head of the country’s Covid mitigation efforts) recently said that Indonesia had brought the highly contagious Omicron coronavirus variant transmission under control. “In less than three months, the daily cases nationwide have dropped by 97 percent since the Omicron peak. Active cases have declined by 83 percent since the last peak and we now have less than 100,000 active cases,” Luhut said. Indonesia’s positivity rate is now at 4 percent, which is lower than the 5 percent threshold set by the WHO (World Health Organization). Covid-related deaths have fallen by 88 percent since the Omicron wave’s peak, according to Luhut. “Judging by all this data, we conclude that the Omicron variant situation in Indonesia is now under control,” the minister said.

Free Training to Mitigate Next Phase of COVID-19- US State Department Funded Program

AWR Lloyd, a strategy consulting firm with a 21-year track record in the Indo-Pacific region, has partnered with global health experts FHI 360 and the US Department of State to ensure business resiliency and continuity to mitigate second-order economic damage caused by the pandemic, as well as other current and future crises. Using our combined experience, we have been providing companies with turnkey Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Toolkits that allow management to easily make data-driven decisions proportional to risk level, optimizing both worker and business wellbeing.

Designed for both US and Indonesian companies, the program also includes free consultations.

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For more information contact: Anisya Nurpratina

Travel- No PCR Test Upon Arrival

Indonesia moved to reopen the country for tourism and other travel by ending all quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers on March 22. A PCR test will no longer be administered upon arrival.

The actual process to obtain a visitor visa (tourist or business) remains the same for the time being (according to the Indonesian Consulate in NY). This requires a local sponsor/guarantor. However, since entry to Bali is now visa-upon-arrival (no local sponsor) this will eventually apply to entry through other international gateways.

Our advice: Check websites or airlines or the Indonesian government (Consulates) before your departure. You may need to show proof of hotel booking or travel/medical insurance upon arrival. AICC’s website will also be updated. (


Russian oil: Pertamina reiterated its plans to purchase inexpensive Russian crude. Greenpeace protestors in Denmark painted “Oil Fuels Wars” on the side of a Pertamina tanker thought to be enroute to Russia.

Mahendra Siregar Named New OJK Chairman: Former Indonesian Ambassador to the US, Mahendra Siregar, will replace Wimboh Santoso as chair of Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority when his term ends. Siregar is currently Deputy Foreign Minister and has also served as Deputy Finance Minister and numerous other senior government posts.

Rising Energy Prices: The sharp rise in global oil prices has crept onto Indonesian shores, with diesel shortages and fuel price hikes unfolding in some parts of the archipelago in recent weeks as the government winds down price control policies for the sake of fiscal consolidation. Logistics firms have reported delivery delays because trucks are spending more time lining for Solar, subsidized diesel, at gas stations, particularly in Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. Meanwhile, state-owned oil giant Pertamina raised the prices of all its unsubsidized gasoline and diesel brands, pushing some consumers to the more limited subsidized variants. Furthermore, the government plans to gradually raise the prices of the subsidized Pertalite brand of gasoline and 3-kilogram liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the most popular fuel brands in their respective categories, in the coming months. (Jakarta Post)


President Jokowi seemingly ended the debate over postponing the 2024 Presidential elections by declaring February 14, 2024 would be the election date and directing ministers and other officials to stop making remarks on the subject. The Golkar Party quickly moved to change its position from for to against postponement.

Foreign/Security/Legal Affairs

Lavrov/Marsudi Conversation

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has called on Russia to immediately cease the ongoing military campaign in Ukraine out of respect to international law and the United Nations Charter. During a meeting with her Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in the Chinese city of Tunxi on Wednesday, Retno also urged the warring countries to reach a peaceful settlement through dialogues. Retno said the war in Ukraine greatly affects the global economic recovery and causes a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. “I reiterate Indonesia’s strong commitment to the principles of international law and respect to articles of the UN Charter on, among other things, national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Retno said

Law on Sexual Violence

Indonesia’s Parliament passed a landmark bill on sexual violence. The law provides a legal basis for victims to lodge complaints and includes prison terms of up to 12 years for crimes of physical sexual abuse, both in marriage and outside, 15 years for sexual exploitation, nine years for forced marriage, which include child marriage, and four years for circulating non-consensual sexual content. It stipulated that a court must compel convicted abusers to pay restitution and authorities to provide counselling to victims.