The Meaning of Masela

The forward progress of the Jokowi government may have hit a speed bump with its decision to go against the proposal of both the field operators Shell and Inpex, the opinion of Mines and Energy Minister Sudirman Said, as well as the oil/gas regulator SK Migas to locate an LNG facility for the Masela block [...]

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Duane Gingerich’s Pivot: In Memoriam (1942-2016)

As President Obama prepares to receive most of Southeast Asia's heads of state at the US-ASEAN Summit February 15-16 in Rancho Mirage I am thinking of a recently fallen friend of AICC, Duane Gingerich, who passed away last Friday. President Obama had it right several years ago when he coined the "pivot to Asia" policy, [...]

President Jokowi in DC

President Jokowi's visit to the US October 26 and 27, although shortened by the forest fire issue, included a longer than expected bilateral with President Obama, progress on security relations, a substantive unexpected announcement by President Jokowi on TPP ("Indonesia intends to join"), successful sessions with potential and current investors, and roll backs of unnecessary [...]

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Which Tune is Playing ?

Commentary By Wayne ForrestIf I could have a musical score as the backdrop to this commentary, I would want it to be something upbeat, perhaps the 1933 song "We're in the Money".  Indonesia has a new, dynamic young leader, President Joko Widodo, with a strong reform agenda as well as operational experience at lower levels [...]

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To Ban or Not To Ban

2013 ends a year in which the Indonesian economy made a strong start and sputtered mid year when rumors of an end to the US Fed’s monetary easing, and uncertainty over nationalist trade policy spooked investors.  Policymakers reacted with measures to preserve the rupiah’s value and reign in an advancing current account deficit. Come January [...]

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APEC and America’s Image

I normally go about my business keeping my American roots a little under wraps.  AICC is after all a bi-national association.  Right before this year’s APEC meetings in Bali (October), there was the third US-Indonesia Commercial Dialog.  Seated opposite from each other around a large square table were roughly 10 CEO’s from each country.   I [...]

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Issue to Watch: Rupiah Hits 11,000: Time to Stimulate

Steep declines in the rupiah (it briefly passed 11,000 on Friday) stock index and overall confidence-echoing earlier drops-finally sent enough shivers within the government for the President and his economic team to say "enough is enough".  Bank Indonesia probably knew its interventions could not last for long against strong headwinds.  After a hastily organized meeting [...]

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Heathcare Education For Sale

I recently read a disturbing report that indicates that training for nurses and doctors in Indonesia is for sale.  Admitted medical students are reportedly paying up to $2500 above tuition to gain acceptance with students with low grades paying more.  Once accepted under-performing students are paying to pass their exams.   Other reports indicate that doctors, [...]

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Prof. Widjojo Passes Away

One of Indonesia's heroes has passed away. Professor Dr. Widjojo Nitisastro, leader of the "Berkely Mafia" (a group of young Indonesian economists educated at UC Berkely in the 1960's under Ford Foundation aegis, became the economic architect of President Suharto's New Order. Under his leadership Indonesia's economy not only averaged 7% growth, but significant segments [...]

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