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Wayne Forrest is President of the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, a private not for profit membership organization based in NY.

2019: A Year of Treading Water

2019: A Year of Treading Water by Wayne Forrest Politics dominated 2019 as it was an election year characterized by a stormy Presiden­tial campaign, violent demonstrations by supporters of the losing candidate (Prabowo), and a serene October inauguration. Economically, Indonesia tread water, reinforced its value-added and resource nationalism priorities, maintained its macro stability and

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Better Late Than Never Commentary by Wayne Forrest In September President Jokowi had an eventful meeting with Rodrigo Chaves, the World Bank’s Country Director in Indonesia, who told him that out of 33 multinationals relocating production out of China due to its trade/tariff war with the US, 23 went to Vietnam, the rest to

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Onward/Backward Commentary by Wayne Forrest I recently met an Indonesian friend who had switched from an Iphone, which he had proudly used for years, to a Huawei phone. I was taken aback, but Huawei meets Indonesia’s local content rules and Apple doesn’t (although you can buy them as they were given a waiver because

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Preserve Reformasi

Preserve Reformasi Commentary by Wayne Forrest Things can come suddenly in Indonesia. If you haven’t been observing Indonesia closely since President Jokowi was reelected with a solid mandate in April, you might think that things would be going well for him leading up to his October 20 inauguration. But you would be wrong, the

Indonesia’s Moon Shot

Indonesia's Moon Shot Commentary by Wayne Forrest In 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced US plans to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade. By the time the astronauts of Apollo 11 achieved this in 1969 technologies that were either in their infancy, or had not yet been born,

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Time To Clean Up

Time To Clean Up Efforts to cleanup Indonesia’s waterways of harmful plastic waste have been accelerating recently. This month 8,000 volunteers will assemble at 34 spots along the 110 kilometer Ciliwung River to haul out the garbage. Thousand of tons of plastic bottles and other materials wash up on Indonesia’s

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Election Idul Fitri

Election Idul Fitri Commentary by Wayne Forrest Indonesians have begun the mass movement (mudik) that occurs annually at the conclusion of Ramadhan, the holy fasting month. Idul Fitri/Lebaran is a back-to-one’s-roots moment relocating millions out cities to be with their families. Jakarta suddenly becomes a quiet, small town. The holiday’s message of peace, inclusiveness,

April Post Election Visit

April Post Election Visit Commentary by Wayne Forrest I spent 9 days in Indonesia recently, April 20-30, and had very productive meetings in Jakarta and Banda Aceh. The run up to the recent Presidential Election was much hyped by the international media as a serious threat to Indonesia’s pluralist state. To me, it was

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Resilient Indonesia/Financial Pulse 2019

                         Kancil Indonesia is like the folktale character Mouse Deer (Kancil) Kancil,  a small “mouse” deer that despite his size outwits crocodiles, tigers, elephants, using his cunning and resourcefulness to survive in a dangerous world. Given that Indonesia is about to have Presidential and Parliamentary elections next month, the topic of the current

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Limits of Hard Infrastructure

The huge promise of the Jokowi Administration’s infrastructure efforts has not yet resulted in lower logistics costs. The rosy future predicted in glossy reports of McKinsey, Citibank, World Bank and others depends in large measure on solving the riddle of high local transportation costs, something that has plagued Indonesia for a long time. Just

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