Indonesia Covid19 Statistics


July 20, 2020

  • Confirmed cases : 88,214
  • Active cases :36,998
  • Suspected cases :36,380
  • Recovered :46,977
  • Deaths :4,239
  • Fatality rate :4.81%

*source: BPS

At first, the government only published the numbers of actual people being tested. Since 15 April, the government changed the method of its counting, now also publishing the actual numbers of tested specimens, which is used on this chart. On 11 June, the government published the numbers of actual people being tested the next morning due to delay in reporting from several labs.

Cases by province

Jakarta became the first province that confirmed COVID-19 cases, while Gorontalo was the last to do so. On 6 July, Jambi became the last province to report a death, 53 days after the penultimate province East Nusa Tenggara did. West Java set a record for most cases in a single day by a province with 962 cases, beating the previous record held by East Java with 552 cases.

Although four out of five most affected provinces are located on Java, the epicenter of the pandemic can be found across the archipelago since all regions, except the Moluccas, have at least one province in the top ten worst-hit provinces. East Nusa Tenggara and West Kalimantan have the least number of cumulative and active cases respectively.